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Models: Cora with Ford, Victoria with Ford, Pauline with Marilyn, Lekeliene with Marilyn, Annette Griffel with Marilyn, Patricia with Muse, Nana with Muse, Jenny Shimizu, Kate with Ford, Charlene with Ford, Simone with Ford, Janice with Ford, Ajak with IMG, Dillion with DNA
Kelly with Ford, Charlotte Free with IMG, Tiiu with Marilyn, Laura McCone with Elite, Bridget with IMG, Vanessa H. with IMG,Wang with Willy, Tallulah with Marilyn, Allaire with Ford, Ava with Willy, Gwen Loos with Marilyn, Sorjourner with Willy, Chantal with Marilyn, Karolina with Ford.

Justin Passamore with Red, Keith Hernandez with Request, David Agbodji with Request, Henry Watkins with Red, CJ Hancock with Ford, Angus with DNA, Miles Garber with DNA, RJ King with Request, Ram with Request, Travis Cannata with Ford Direct, Troy Cannata with Ford Direct, Daisuke with NY Models, Kevin Freed with Ford Direct, Brendan Ruck with NY Models, Erik Sage with Soul, Simon Tham with Soul, Jae Yoo with Soul, Matt Gontier with Ford, Rob Evans with Major, Steffan Hoffman with Ford Direct, Seth Huhlman with Soul, Christopher Landon with DNA, Brian Shimansky with Soul, Jeremy Santucci with Ford.

Casting Director by Melissa Lee Batsel

Photography by Michael Ching

Special Thanks:

Tonya Miller, Stephen Wright, James Norton, Melissa Lee Batsel, Ainsley Connell, Starworks Public Relations, Bumble and Bumble, M-A-C Cosmetics, Lindsay Rand, James Calabro, Danny Karan, Patrick Perez, Mark Calogero, Luis Soto, Jhon Jairo Santos, Alex Margary, Konstantin Solohin, Kult Records, Avena Gallagher Lead Stylist.