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Through the years Marithé + François Girbaud collections have developed a high ended process on denim technology and clothing construction, including a forward vision to revamp and introduce new silhouettes to the industry, but in such a competitive market the French house back in the 1970′s stepped into the American market with their famous stonewashing, developing a certain different washes and deconstructed silhouettes that incorporate styles like baggy fit and X construction on denim jeans. It has been already quite long, and some fans still want a glimpse from the past, and what better news for the denim lovers; once again the incredible Girbaud couple has made a spin on the wheel and re-launch the success from the past years, in addition to the european market success Marithé and François Girbaud have made a collaboration with Passport Brands Inc, to revamp the line in the U.S market , with a collection that includes the “Heritage Red” which is their famous construction from their iconic pieces, however; for the new exposure, the label has incorporated a new twist to the techniques used on denim wash. The new GIRBAUD by Marithé + François Girbaud is using a newly high end technology that is the result of a partnership with Jeanologia, the process name is called WattWash-G2 and it produces laser and washing. The thoughtful process its a movement that protects and preserves the environment by reducing the use of water, preventing pollution and less use of other chemical products, the object is to make people conscious about ecology.

The special spring summer 2012 capsule collection includes a variety of options for men & women, in were we can find; splattered jeans, hand painted jeans, boot-cut, acid wash and camouflage hand painted jeans. This awesome yet avant technique creates the most interesting finishes, from vintage aging to bleach and degrade touches, the interesting details about the collection is they’re using the routes of the label to construct each of the garments, from the pattern of execution to the hem lines and buttons, all placed as the first ever pieces, the entire collection is under the branding of “On The Fly by Girbaud”, but going back to the actual newly process on denim treatments, the WattWash includes a mix of oxygen and ozone which represents an increase of less use of water for the actual process, Girbaud group mentions that, ” there is a saving of a 97.5% average, from a non use of water for this technique”. The new approach is genius and broke forward, it is a very competitive industry, but this idea deserves the trophy, and as Mr François Girbaud said “Buying jeans is also a political act “, “There’s still time to invent a new tomorrow”, powerful words that surely will take this new project into a groundbreaking sensation.

This spring summer 2012 collection also includes a variety of shoes, hiking ankle boots and sneakers that play with hip-cool styles, from colors of yellow and blue, to neutrals, are totally on the menswear shoe-radar. The evolution at Girbaud show was a vision of 4 different groups: Heritage presentation, Color denim presentation, Watt Wash-G2 and Rebel Criminal presentation; which in addition represented the future wash treatments on how we should take seriously the planet in where we live, and demonstrate that for fashion, there’s no need of going to the extreme destroying the environment in where we live. Marithé & François, who always have been involved in every single detail behind their collections, both assisted to this great show letting people know they’re completely taking seriously every single project they do, and furthermore it is refreshing to see how can a few details and steps can change our world in the most fashionably way, a new beginning is about to start and yet it will be for the best, from the beginning to the end, this creative couple always manages how to put things together and deliver them in such an absolute thoughtful direction.

ByJhon Jairo Santos
Fashion Director USA
Photography by Michael Ching