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KAZAKY boys are taking over, as their fantastic choreography and synchronized moves, their personal self style aesthetic is becoming a hit between the fashion and music industry, no wonder all the lovers behind such an amazing group that moves to the rhythm of their own songs & Vogue.

A month ago we had an amazing interview with Kazaky and after it, we started to feel attracted of who was behind the creativity direction of their style, as matter that these days, Kazaky boys have been really busy with all their presentations around the U.S following other countries and there should be someone in charged of all the wardrobe drama.

After a closer look to Kazaky’s high heels and their s&m bondage sets, we felt captivated of knowing every single wardrobe detail that runs behind each of their presentations, and who better to answer those questions, than Kazaky’s Fashion Director, Anna Osmekhina who has an exclusive fashion house-label under the name of Asmekhina; her fantastic sense for high fashion and unique statements have received a well response from Kazaky boys, the Kazaky fans and other people that she has worked exclusively with.

Which is the reason why we are bringing to our audience a closer look to ANNA OSMEKHINA and her cutting edge fashion dreams for Kazaky. I had the chance meeting Kazaky boys, and seen closer those amazing wardrobe looks, no words! there should be an on-fashion-radar for their style, feels like a déjà vu for the next menswear seasons…

Jhon Jairo Santos: Anna how are you ?
Anna Osmekhinsa: Thank you, I am just great.

JS: First to of all I would like to mention, that Metrovelvet is huge fan of KAZAKY‘s style!.
AO: Thank you, I am really pleased.

JS: Anna tell me a little bit about yourself?
AO: I am 29 years old stylist, costume designer and fashion editor of Ukrainian COSMOPOLITAN. What makes me different from other stylists is that I don’t select any costumes for music videos and shows; I design it exclusively for a certain person at my studio. I have got my own label “asmekhina” but instead of running production of my collections I design clothes in a single exemplar for a certain client. The most favorite clients of mine are KAZAKY and LARA FABIAN.

JS: Let’s start with; how is the process of choosing the style from each of the Kazaky menbers, did you build all their looks since they became famous? or did they had in mind already what each one of them wanted to wear?
AO: Each member of Kazaky is unique and prominent person. It is so easy to work with boys because they always know what they really want. After listening to the music and seeing choreography set up by Oleg Zhezhel, I make drafts of the costumes and right after few corrections we start sewing.

I have known Kazaky boys for a long time but our actual cooperation started with music video LOVE. I found it really fascinating to work on that video. Then Kazaky gave me an offer to become their stylist.

JS: How do you feel been in charge of Kazaky styling direction ?
AO: It is quite exciting.

JS: Also I’m intrigue to know, from who was the genius idea of wearing high heels? which is most likely consider as their signature style…

AO: That is boys` idea.

JS: Who made those fabulous high heels?

AO: Together with boys we made the draft of it then we contacted the shoemaker with whom I have been working for long time. He was really surprised that 4 handsome men we’re in need of comfortable high-heeled shoes with height in 5,5 inches. So he made a boot tree for each Kazaky boy and for our further experiments.


JS: Tell me two words that can describe their fantastic style.
AO: Passion and… Passion.

JS: Do they have favorite labels or designers when it comes to wardrobe for their presentations ?
AO: Nearly all costumes for their shows are made by Asmekhina. Sometimes when we find interesting ideas coming from other designers we just edit them a little bit in order to make such clothes more comfortable for our boys. It is important that clothes for shows must be comfortable enough and easy to take off. That is why we design every model for each new choreographic staging.

JS: Who or what inspirations do you look up to, when it comes to choose their wardrobe & style?
AO: KAZAKY inspire me. They are very special.

JS: Does Kazaky likes their style to be consider as androgyny or as something that men should look forward to wear in a few more years?
AO:The boys are amazing dancers and that fact that they wear high-heeled shoes doesn`t look like something androgynous that I associate with blue-skinned frail boys with Bambi eyes but not with sexy guys with excellent bodies. Anything can be expected from the men of future but I suppose that everyone will look rather like Rick Owens style.

JS: Do they wear high heels to every place they go or just to the presentations?
AO: High-heeled shoes are only are only part of their show and nothing more.

JS: Who designed the Harness/bondage pieces that Kazaky wore in the video LOVE ?
AO: We took for this video the most significant creations of Gareth Pugh whom I admire a lot. So I designed all costumes including Chipolino that was Kazaky boys` idea by the way. My favorite costume from this video is worn by Oleg Zhezhel. I am pleased that you noticed it too.

JS: What about the mega high heels they wear in LOVE video, who design them ?
OS: It is the product of our mutual creativity.

JS: Are the Kazaky members planning to evolve their style into something else? any hints about future styling?
OS: This is going to be a surprise.

JS: Besides DSQUARED2, is there other European houses & designers inviting Kazaky to wear their clothes?
AO: Nicola Formichetti for fashion house Mugler.

JS: Anna thank you so much for this interview, Metrovelvet feels very honored featuring Kazaky and your work as their stylist.

Thank you so much Anna for giving us some of your busy schedule for this exclusive for your friends at

Photo credits: Sonia Plakidyuk / Moi Sofism / @ SALT Photoproduction.

ByJhon Jairo Santos
Fashion Director USA